Charity Data API

Charity Data API

Introducing, a simple API for data about nonprofits and charities in the US.

Businesses offering free plans to charities, or donating financially, need to quickly and reliably confirm that an organization is indeed a charity and eligible for tax-deductible donations.

The IRS does not offer an API, but it does publish a full list of nonprofit organizations in big csv files about once a month. Several companies charge thousands of dollars per year to access this publicly-available information via the convenience of an API. We believe that converting a CSV to an API should not cost thousands of dollars a year.

Introducing, a low-cost, simple way to confirm charitable status.

Simple Charity Check

The API is designed to do one thing: make the IRS nonprofit database available over API. Think of it as the API the IRS should have built. Simply ask for a Tax ID Number and use this API to confirm that the organization is tax-deductible according to the IRS.

To check if a charity is really a 501c3 via API, make a call to

where :ein is an Employer ID Number (AKA Tax ID Number). The API will return JSON like this:

   "data": {
       "public_charity": true,
       "ein": "474262060"

This API call takes approximately 21ms on our system. Here’s a snapshot of our performance monitor.

Here’s a screenshot of us testing response times via Postman and hitting 56ms as measured by the client. Most of our responses are <80ms.

This solution is perfect for offering a free tier of your product to charities. Our hope is that more companies offer charities a free tier. There’s more to come; stay tuned.

Check it out at and please contact us with any questions. We’re happy to provide lower-price options for deserving projects.


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