The API the IRS should have built is a simple API for data about US nonprofits and charities sourced from the IRS.

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Example API response with charity data


Verify Charitable Status

Companies use to ensure that their charitable partners remain in good standing with the IRS.

Free for Charities Tier

Companies use to offer a free tier of their product to charities. Charities provide their Tax ID number (EIN) to qualify for a free tier.

Build Donation Apps

Companies use to build apps that help charities raise money.

Sample API response showing search resultsExample API response with charity data


Retrieve Nonprofit Data

Looks up a charity by EIN or Tax ID Number. Returns the information the IRS currently has on file for the charity.

Fast Search

Search the ~1.7 million nonprofits in the IRS database

Public Charity Check

API to check if a nonprofit is a "public charity", meaning donations are tax deductible.

IRS Charity Data should be free

We make this data available as cheaply as possible because we believe people build great things for charities, and that should be as easy as possible.

  • Competitors charge hundreds of dollars a month.
  • Charities rely on "Free for Charities" tiers, we're encouraging companies to offer a free tier for charities and making it as easy as possible to verify charitable status.
  • We built the IRS data ingestion pipeline including data cleaning, managing exceptions, and converting to json so you don't have to do those bugfixes.
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Building for charities is building a better world.