New Feature: Filter Nonprofit Search Results By City, State

New Feature: Filter Nonprofit Search Results By City, State's nonprofit search endpoint now supports "city" and "state" filters

Companies frequently use to build charity and nonprofit search interfaces for their end users. Quick and accurate search improves user perception of your app and improves business performance.

We recently received customer feedback requesting easier filtering by city and/or state. Some users search for national charities, but a different set of users search for local charities, and these users wanted results filtered by state or city.'s search endpoint now supports optional parameters of "city" and "state." Filtering by state code (e.g. "NY" or "CA") returns results from only that state. To use, simply append the parameter as a URL query parameter , e.g. ?state=CA to only return nonprofits in California.

Filtering by city works similarly, but unlike filtering by state, filtering by city does not require an exact match and does not require the full city name. Filtering by city is tolerant to minor typos and matches the beginning of city words, so you can pass user input through without any pre-processing or spell-checking on your side. In testing, we found that our implementation tolerates about 1 transposition typo (switching two letters) per 4 characters, so for example the typo "Chci" will match "Chic" in "Chicago." To use, append your search URL with the URL query parameter, e.g. ?city=chicago.

For examples and details, checkout the updated docs. If you want to have your keys re-sent, you can re-send your API keys here.

Photo by Fruit Basket Agency on Unsplash

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