Charity Data Search API

Charity Data Search API

Search all IRS nonprofits and charities, including filtering by city and state. is used by companies to quickly check that a given EIN (Tax ID Number) is truly a charity. The simple charity check endpoint returns true or false for any given EIN indicating whether it is a public charity and therefore a 501c3 under IRS rules. In addition, we also offer a search endpoint enabling users to easily search the ~1.5 million nonprofits registered to the IRS.

Many customers use the search endpoint to power their own end-user facing search functionality, helping their users quickly select a charity from the IRS's rolls. For example, companies use the Charity Search API to populate a search bar so that their users can choose which charity to donate to, choose to support, or gather information about.

Some clients use's charity search with a state or city filter, enabling search by state or charity search by city. This is useful for services that are focused on local charities or want to surface the state filter to their end-users so they could filter their results by state (or city). To filter by state, append the search query URL with &state=STATE_CODE and to filter by city append the search query URL with &city=CITY. The docs have more information.

The search endpoint returns 28 fields about each nonprofit sourced from the IRS records, including the nonprofit's name, address, deductibility, EIN, and NTEE codes.

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